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3Dillustrationabstractfuturisticminimalismblack99e2d15c 9ad6 43ed 930c 7a4092f79430 7 Best Course Creator Software Platforms

7 Best Course Creator Software Platforms

As the demand for online learning continues to grow, course creator software has become an essential tool for entrepreneurs, business owners, and educators looking to capitalize on this trend. In [...]
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remote jobs for teens

Remote Jobs for Teens: 22+ Ideas

There are a number of online remote jobs for teens that you can do from the comfort of your own home. I’m going to share 20 of them with you. [...]
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Own the Day and Own your life

Own the Day and Own Your Life

Are you getting the most from each day of your life? An amazing life can be yours, but you have to create it one day at a time. Spend focused [...]
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techpacks What the heck is a tech pack?

What the heck is a tech pack?

So you’ve got your amazing product idea, and maybe you even have a prototype. But now you’re considering larger scale manufacturing and you’re speaking with factories that are halfway around [...]
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product design A 10-Step Product Design Process

A 10-Step Product Design Process

In reality, the creative process rarely unfolds in a perfectly linear fashion: you will jump back and forth between steps, follow tangents, hit dead ends, discard and resurrect ideas.  However, [...]
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indie brand definition

What do you stand for?

Successful indie brands transcend the traditional marketing playbook and inspire fanatical loyalty by standing for something that matters. But before your company can stand for something, you’ve got to answer [...]
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Blu Kicks Brand

How to Create an Irresistible Brand

Will Leonard and his mother Victoria started the Blu Kicks brand with the simple idea of creating a better travel and vacation shoe. Inspired by the fish they encountered on [...]
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indie brand definition

What the hell is an Indie Brand?

While technically Indie Brands is a generic term that could describe any independently owned company, in popular use the term has come to represent a new breed of entrepreneur that is progressive, [...]
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manufacturing products overseas

7 Keys to Manufacturing Products Overseas

If you’re wondering about manufacturing products overseas, my first product run is a cautionary tale in how badly things can go wrong. I had been sampling my inaugural product – a [...]
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reasons why businesses fail

5 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

My first business failed. It was not a failure to launch and find customers. In fact, the business existed for over 13 years and we worked with plenty of clients, [...]
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transform 2 Transform your Perspective on Your Business

Transform your Perspective on Your Business

When I first stepped into my role at our e-commerce business things were going relatively well for all outward appearances. Amy had created a successful line of products that were being [...]
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