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How to Develop a Successful Hardware Product With No Engineering Experience

In this Podcast episode I speak with Kevin Mako of Mako design about the industrial design process.

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What the heck is a tech pack?

So you’ve got your amazing product idea, and maybe you even have a prototype. But now you’re considering larger scale manufacturing and you’re speaking with factories that are halfway around the world where English is not the native language. You’re also talking about spending tens of thousands - or even hundreds of thousands of dollars […]

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How Indie Consumer Brands can best manage Amazon

Over the last seven years, Joseph Hansen has built and sold four e-commerce based companies and is currently a managing partner to three businesses that help sellers succeed on Amazon Buy Box Experts, Prosper Show, and Marketplace University. It was Joseph’s experience as an Amazon expert that put him on my radar, So I’m excited […]

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Have you heard of the Entrepreneurial Operating System?

Mike Paton has spent most of his life  learning from entrepreneurs.  Today, he spends all  his time giving back - as an Author, award-winning Speaker, certified Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Implementer & the Visionary of EOS Worldwide.  Specifically, Paton helps entrepreneurs clarify, simplify and achieve their vision – by mastering the simple concepts and practical […]

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How to Create an Irresistible Brand

Will Leonard and his mother Victoria started the Blu Kicks brand with the simple idea of creating a better travel and vacation shoe. Inspired by the fish they encountered on a family trip to Hawaii, Will and Victoria began producing an ocean-themed line of colorful slip-ons that featured original fish artwork and cool laid back […]

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Why you should Raise Capital on the CircleUp Crowdfunding Platform

If you want to grow, you need to raise capital. CircleUp's crowdfunding platform takes it to the next level by connecting early stage consumer brands with angel investors. It was a rude awakening for Amy and I to realize that the more success we achieved with our e-commerce business,  the more cash we were going […]

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5 Secrets for making trade shows worth the money

In this week’s podcast I discuss how to get the most out of your trade show planning and marketing with TIm Patterson. Tim is the head of Trade Show Guy Exhibits where he helps clients excel at trade show planning and marketing. Tim also runs a blog, www.tradeshowguyblog.com   and has authored a book called Trade […]

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Podcast: How to Manufacture Products in China

Sam Miller first moved to Shanghai in the early 90’s to teach at the university there. He then went on to manage the office of a major American home textiles company. He has since worked in the ceramics, gifts and furniture industries offering his experience in sourcing, product development, management and logistics. He currently works with […]

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PODCAST: Alyssa Kerbel of Mini Mioche on how to Build a Vertically Integrated Indie Brand

In this episode of the Indie Brand Builder podcast, I speak with Alyssa Kerbel of Mini Mioche. Alyssa shares the string of disappointments and challenges that lead to her eventual insight and decision to open her own retail location - after many people told her she was crazy to do so.

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Podcast: Why your Small Business needs Cloud Accounting with Mike Pinkus of Connect CPA

Mike Pinkus is a partner at Connect CPA, a Toronto-based accounting firm that are rewriting the rules of how accountants work with small businesses. Mike and his team combine a deep understanding of cutting edge cloud based technology with an innovative, product based pricing approach that  far better aligned with the way the world works […]

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