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A Remote Worker’s Guide to Balancing Home and Work

You don’t have to give up life balance when you work remotely. Enjoy more health and happiness by drawing sensible boundaries between your personal and professional life.

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Success in business depends on your success in marriage

Despite the abundance of literature on self-acceptance and loving oneself, your most important relationship is NOT with yourself. If you want to be successful in business and in life, you must invest in your relationship with your significant other and achieve success in marriage.  If you happen to work with your partner, as I do, this […]

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3 Surprising Benefits of Working with Your Spouse

Are you considering or currently working with your spouse? Amy and I have experienced the full gamut when it comes to our working situation: first as employees, then with each of us running separate businesses, and now working together in the same business. For us, working together has been by far the best experience. Here's why:

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