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13 life hacks to simplify your life and get more done.

These are the top 13 tricks you can use to save time, eliminate stress, improve efficiency, and bring a sense of sanity into your everyday routine.

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Discover How to Take More Breaks and Make Them More Effective

Before you spend another day toiling nonstop, consider these suggestions. Find out how to take more breaks and make them more effective.

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Own the Day and Own Your Life

Are you getting the most from each day of your life? An amazing life can be yours, but you have to create it one day at a time. Spend focused time each day.

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The Meditative Way to Change Your Daily Habits

Changing my daily habits is what has led me to the most growth in my life, and has completely transformed my family, my business, and my outlook on life. As I have implemented many small changes, which when added up, amount to a significant shift in the way that I do everything.  For instance, rather than spending 4 […]

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5 Stages of Business Growth for an E-commerce Business

When you've invested a whole lot of effort to get your consumer product business up and running, it's natural to be impatient about seeing a return on your investment. But with so many potential ways to grow the business, it's hard to know how to best focus your time and limited resources. The answer depends […]

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How to use customer support to increase eCommerce sales

Anyone who runs an eCommerce store knows how challenging and expensive it cam be to acquire new customers. That's why it is so important to ensure you are making the most of every contact, interaction and existing customer. In this video review of Gorgias, I offer a walk through of Gorgias' features, how we use […]

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A Review and Summary of Atomic Habits by James Clear

One of my favorite books from 2019 was James's Clear’s Atomic Habits, which provides easy to implement suggestions for long-lasting change. If you’d like to make this a year of consistent, incremental improvement in all areas of your life, here are some of my key takeaways:

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Why you absolutely need to develop a selling habit

Do you ever have so many tasks to handle that you get stuck on which to prioritise? There is one thing you can always do that is the #1 highest value activity for your business:Selling. Selling is so valuable because it greases the wheels of revenue, which makes everything else possible. It is the lifeblood of your […]

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Have you heard of the Entrepreneurial Operating System?

Mike Paton has spent most of his life  learning from entrepreneurs.  Today, he spends all  his time giving back - as an Author, award-winning Speaker, certified Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Implementer & the Visionary of EOS Worldwide.  Specifically, Paton helps entrepreneurs clarify, simplify and achieve their vision – by mastering the simple concepts and practical […]

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6 Essential Small Business Tools to Power Your E-Commerce Business

When I was running my agency, I remember days when work ground to a halt because of an issue with our internal file server. I also remember trying to work from home while waiting for files to trickle into my computer through a rickety VPN (virtual private network) - then giving up and heading back to the office. […]

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10 things I did to create a more productive lifestyle

Since launching my own business while also working full-time, I’ve had to create a more productive daily routine and lifestyle to ensure I up my game without becoming burnt out or overwhelmed. Rather than feeling exhausted by the change, I’m finding I have more energy and am more productive than I’ve ever been. Here are […]

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How to insure you never let a great idea get away

Have you ever had a great idea that got away? It happened to me just the other morning. I woke up before my alarm and immediately started getting all kinds of ideas about blog posts, headlines and copy. It was still dark outside and Amy was asleep beside me so I was alone in my thoughts. […]

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How to Create an Organizational Structure for a Small Business

Do you need an organizational structure for a small business? Before we had an accountability chart at our e-commerce business, roles were so fuzzy that essential tasks often fell through the cracks, leading to a last-minute panic. But once we had a written organizational structure in place, we saw a huge boost in our overall efficiency. While there are still a […]

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Transform your Perspective on Your Business

When I first stepped into my role at our e-commerce business things were going relatively well for all outward appearances. Amy had created a successful line of products that were being sold in retailers across North America. Sales had been growing at well over 40% annually and the business was generating a respectable profit . But once […]

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