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How to Develop a Successful Hardware Product With No Engineering Experience

In this Podcast episode I speak with Kevin Mako of Mako design about the industrial design process.

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What the heck is a tech pack?

So you’ve got your amazing product idea, and maybe you even have a prototype. But now you’re considering larger scale manufacturing and you’re speaking with factories that are halfway around the world where English is not the native language. You’re also talking about spending tens of thousands - or even hundreds of thousands of dollars […]

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A 10-Step Product Design Process

In reality, the creative process rarely unfolds in a perfectly linear fashion: you will jump back and forth between steps, follow tangents, hit dead ends, discard and resurrect ideas.  However, if you find yourself at an impasse, reviewing the underlying product design process can help you figure out where you are stuck so that you […]

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The Amazing Upside and Scary Downside of Private Label Deals

Private label deals and retail collaborations can be a great way to develop a new channel and generate additional sales for your business. Private label and retail collaborations involve offering an exclusive variation of a product or product line to an individual (typically larger) retailer.

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4 tricks for uncovering your next great product idea

our e-commerce business’s first Diaper bag was a flop. It was actually a sales rep’s suggestion (after she rejected us) that we design a unisex model, which lead to the development of the Charlie Diaper Bag - our first bonafide success. Then, while Amy was standing at a tradeshow with a single $175 diaper bag […]

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Podcast: How to Manufacture Products in China

Sam Miller first moved to Shanghai in the early 90’s to teach at the university there. He then went on to manage the office of a major American home textiles company. He has since worked in the ceramics, gifts and furniture industries offering his experience in sourcing, product development, management and logistics. He currently works with […]

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PODCAST: Alyssa Kerbel of Mini Mioche on how to Build a Vertically Integrated Indie Brand

In this episode of the Indie Brand Builder podcast, I speak with Alyssa Kerbel of Mini Mioche. Alyssa shares the string of disappointments and challenges that lead to her eventual insight and decision to open her own retail location - after many people told her she was crazy to do so.

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7 Keys to Manufacturing Products Overseas

If you're wondering about manufacturing products overseas, my first product run is a cautionary tale in how badly things can go wrong. I had been sampling my inaugural product - a diaper bag - for 1.5 years with 6 different factories. By the 3rd round with my chosen manufacturer, I finally got a great sample and […]

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