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I’m Dan Chadney and I specialize in supporting creative entrepreneurs like you to build effective online businesses.

I can also help you to free up your time to concentrate on the areas of your life that you love the most!

Daniel Chadney

My Story

At heart, I am a creative, with a passion for design, music, and art.

My degree is in graphic design and multimedia, but I worked as a professional musician through most of my twenties, while doing freelance graphic design and web design on the side.

When I got married at 29 and started a family, I evolved into UI design and motion graphics and I had many years working full-time in corporate America.

However the entrepreneurial part of me wasn’t completely satisfied with this career, and I was looking for something more.

This took me on a path of many years working as a freelancer and owning my own businesses, building e-commerce websites for clients, studying SEO best practices, marketing, and learning about online business.

Finding my way

After many years of watching others give it a go online and wondering if I could make a success of e-commerce myself, I decided to give it a go. I enrolled in every course and training that I could get my hands on and spent three years and tens of thousands of dollars learning how to do it right. 

When it was time to put my knowledge into practice I co-founded an e-commerce business with my wife, Amy. This business now earns 6 figures per year. 

I’ve also coached hundreds of online small businesses and startups in the past few years. 

I’ve seen lots of successes and failures in online business, and since it’s such a new territory for many people, it’s easy to get it wrong.

One thing that is common among all is that it’s really overwhelming. It can be very complicated, and the path to success is not always clear.

I’ve now made it my mission to help others achieve success online without years of experience in SEO and marketing.

How I can help you

Now, since COVID-19 the business climate has changed and there is even more need for small businesses to learn how to be successful online. I want to help! 

I help people like you achieve their goals and find success, even while juggling full-time jobs, family, and other commitments. 

I highly value balance and love to help my clients find alignment to their values in both their personal and work lives. I’ve proven to myself that I can reach my goals when I make a plan and stick to it.

I’d love to help you on your journey!

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