Podcast: Why your Small Business needs Cloud Accounting with Mike Pinkus of Connect CPA


Mike Pinkus is a partner at Connect CPA, a Toronto-based accounting firm that are rewriting the rules of how accountants work with small businesses. Mike and his team combine a deep understanding of cutting edge cloud based technology with an innovative, product based pricing approach that  far better aligned with the way the world works today than most traditional accounting firms. our e-commerce business started working with Connect CPA when we were looking for a partner to help us transition from QuickBooks to Xero – which is a cloud based accounting platform.

As soon as I started talking to connect Mike, I knew we had found the right partner – he was right alongside with me in trying to understand our technology infrastructure so that we could automate the bulk of our financial processing. In addition I liked their pricing model which is based on a flat monthly fee which includes all of our accounting technology and include an unlimited amount of support, which is a huge change from wondering how much it would cost to pick up the phone and ask my accountant a few questions.

Mike On the benefits of Cloud Accounting:

“real time information, you can now log into an accounting system that will pull your read only data from your bank feed, so that data entry is almost entirely removed.

“In order to see the future, you can;t be delayed on knowing the present. You need today’s information today.”

“Because your accounting is now online, it allows companies to build out integrations through an API that provide new possibilities to integrate with external systems, similar to the app-store concept on your iPhone.”

“Traditional accounting firms aren’t set up to deal with technology because the hours aren’t billable. They’re very invested in the model built around their traditional expertise.”

To learn more about Mike, Connect CPA and the benfefits of cloud accounting, http://www.connectcpa.ca/


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